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The High Council

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The High Council
Oct 10, 2017 The High Council
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The High Council 2017-10-10 The Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA Nakamichi CM300 Cp4 (Sank P48 Mod) > Sound Devices 722 24bit/48kHz Location: Balcony Rail, center- above soundboard Taped by: John Hermsen  1) Trash Can 2) Good Man 3) Until The End 4) Child Today 5) Chasing The Sun 6) My Own Foe 7) Birds Fly Higher   Thanks to Brothers Gow, The High Council, and the kind folks at The Nectar Lounge for allowing the evening to be recorded. 
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Topics: The High Council, Goldbar, Brothers Gow, The Nectar Lounge, Seattle, John Hermsen,...
Source: Nakamichi CM300 CP4 (Sank P48 Mod) > Sound Devices 722